Our Sip Story

Sip was launched with the mission to grow the size of the regular coffee drinking community. At Sip, we believe that a cup of good coffee should be enjoyed by anyone. The best part is that specialty coffee made from locally roasted beans are a healthier regular option for any caffeine addict!

Aside from making good coffee accessible to everyone, Sip also acts as a guide to uncover the many cafe gems in this city. This is in the hopes of encouraging the exploration and discovery of local coffeehouses, and to support our local independent cafes in their quest for coffee domination!

Our Cafe Merchants are extremely passionate about coffee. They were carefully curated with that in mind, and will no doubt deliver the best coffee experience for any coffee drinkers.

Ultimately, Sip is a community for people who are always on the look out for a good coffee spot to get their regular coffee fix. As part of our community, we reward our members with discounted prices to encourage more people to become caffeine addicts! It's also our form of saying thank you for constantly supporting Singapore's local cafe scene. Stay tuned for more info, because we are working hard to bring you more perks!